Thursday, September 7, 2006

Former Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Results

Tracy Costin, the former owner of polling company DataUSA Inc., entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit mail fraud for fabricating the results of polls the company conduct on behalf of, among others, President Bush in 2004.  Costin was indicted along with a DataUSA manager in March 2005 on fraud and conspiracy charges, and the indictment (here) alleged that they instructed "DataUSA employees to alter survey data and to fabricate surveys and otherwise falsify their contents in order to meet job quotas and deadlines. The term 'talk to cats and dogs' was one of the terms used by the defendants to instruct employees to fabricate surveys."  It's not clear if any of the alleged feline or canine poll respondents would have been witnesses at the trial.  An AP story (here) discusses Costin's guilty plea. (ph)

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It's obvious the corporate media is allied with the Republicans. They purposely keep the polls close so the GOP can steal another election.
Here's a solution: let's do our own polling to find the true measure of voter opinion. How? Divide the task among trusted progressives who are committed to knowing the truth, whatever the results. For example: each of our 100 pollsters, from their own home, can randomly call 10 voters throughout the nation, using the objective methods of a well-designed poll. By doing so, this grass-roots polling can gain control - from the corporate media - over this crucial measure of national opinion.

Posted by: Albert | Sep 10, 2008 11:43:42 AM

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