Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is Kobi Alexander Really in Sri Lanka?

We passed along last week the report that former Comverse Technologies CEO Kobi Alexander, a fugitive from a Brooklyn indictment charging him in connection with stock options backdating at the company, had been located by a private detective, Moshe Buller, hiding out in Sri Lanka.  A report in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz (here) raises some interesting questions about the veracity of the private detective's claim to have located Alexander by tracing an Internet telephone call.  The story points out inconsistencies in the private detective's accounts to the media of how he located Alexander, when he saw him, and even how far he traveled after seeing him.  As the story notes, the U.S. has an up-to-date extradition treaty with Sri Lanka (see earlier post here) that most likely would allow for his extradition, so it's unlikely Alexander would pick that place to be a fugitive.  Moreover, since the reported sighting of Alexander last week, no news has emerged from the government of either country regarding an extradition request.  Maybe the earlier question "Where the Heck is Kobi Alexander?" is still quite pertinent. (ph)

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Maybe Buller's just trying to get some free press or else he's on the per billable hour plan and needs to justify his expense report.

FD: haven't seen Kobi or talked to him in almost a decade.

This reminds me a little of the Kirk S. Wright case (fugitive hedge fund manager who may have engaged in affinity fraud to rip-off a bunch of not too bright NFL players).

Posted by: SEC/NASD Super Enforcement Bull | Aug 31, 2006 4:50:18 AM

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