Monday, August 28, 2006

Anderson Back in Jail for Contempt

Greg Anderson, former personal trainer for San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds, is back in jail for another stint after being held in civil contempt for refusing to answer questions about steroid use by Bonds and other athletes.  Anderson served a little over two weeks in jail in July for refusing to testify before the earlier grand jury investigating Bonds for possible perjury and tax evasion, and was released only because the grand jury's term expired.  Anderson was subpoenaed immediately upon the empanelment of a new grand jury, and while his most recent appearance included answers to a few questions, such as his name, he refused  to respond about whether he ever injected Bonds with steroids and whether he knows New York Yankee outfielder Gary Sheffield.  Bonds and Sheffield testified in 2003 about steroids produced by Balco (Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative), where Anderson obtained designer steroids.  Bonds has denied ever using steroids, an issue in the current grand jury perjury investigation.  With the new panel's term lasting at least sixteen more months, Anderson looks to settle in for the long haul, unless he unlocks the jail cell by answering questions or if prosecutors have sufficient evidence to indict Bonds, which probably would obviate the need for his testimony.  Even in the latter situation, Anderson is unlikely to testify if called to a trial, so there's a chance he could even go to jail a third time for civil contempt.  An AP story (here) discusses the latest civil contempt. (ph)

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