Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cunningham Bribery Fallout Hits Harris Campaign

Katherine Harris achieved a measure of fame in 2000 as Florida's Secretary of State from her involvement in the vote counting there, and then moved on to the House of Representatives a couple years later.  Her campaign for the U.S. Senate has bogged down over various issues, and now the whiff of scandal is hitting.  A Tampa Tribune story (here) discusses an investigation of campaign contributions to Harris from Mitchell Wade, who entered a guilty plea related to disguising corporate campaign contributions to former California Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham.  The Cunningham case is just one of a variety of corruption investigations embroiling Representatives from, among others, Ohio and Louisiana, in addition to staff and Bush administration officials. Federal prosecutors are seeking to determine whether Wade sought to have Harris earmark defense funds for his company in exchange for contributions to her campaign, a key issue in the Cunningham case that resulted in the Congressman being sentenced to an eight-year prison term for accepting bribes.  Former Harris campaign director Ed Rollins, well known for his work for various Republican candidates, said that he was interviewed by the Department of Justice and that from the questioning Harris appears to be a focus of this phase of the investigation.  This is not a good time to have a candidate's name in headlines linking her to corruption. (ph)

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