Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Safavian Guilty- What Does This Mean?

David Safavian, a former Bush administration official, was found guilty after a jury trial on four of the five counts charged against him.  He was convicted of three counts of false statements and one count of obstruction of justice. (see Washington Post here).  Safavian was a former business partner of Jack Abramoff.  Abramoff has plead guilty and is cooperating with the government.  Although Abramoff did not testify in this trial, Neil Volz did. Prior to Volz becoming a member of Abramoff's lobbying team, he served as a former senior aide to Rep. Robert W. Ney. (see here).

So where is this all going?

Obviously, for Safavian the ramifications of this conviction are clear - he will likely be serving jail time.  With sentencing set for October 12th, it gives him and the government time to reconsider their relationship.  The question will be whether Safavian joins the "Abramoff Club," and becomes a new cooperating witness for the government.  One also has to wonder whether this conviction will be a message to those who are under investigation to work something out with the government.



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