Thursday, June 1, 2006

Is White Collar Crime Down?

The Syracuse Trac Reporting here on DOJ statistics reports this month that the number of white collar filings for the month is down over the previous month.(see here).  And looking over five years "the data show[s] that the prosecutions are down 31.3 percent from levels reported in 2001."

The report provides the offenses most often charged, areas of the country prosecuting the most white collar cases, and also the members of the bench handling the greatest number of these cases.  Judges: to see if you made the top ten, click here.

But the report does raise some questions, and the authors duly note the DOJ definition of white collar crime here.  The DOJ interpretation of what is a white collar crime will probably differ from many.  DOJ omits from its definition, as it has for a good number of years, several categories of prosecutions.  These include corruption cases and regulatory offenses like environmental crimes.   But oddly enough (see here), the local USA's may not be agreeing with this categorization.  For example, the USA for the Northern District of California states right on the website for this district:

White Collar Crime: The White Collar Crime Section is responsible for prosecuting a wide range of complex cases, including public corruption (such as bribery, kickback schemes, and theft of government funds) health care fraud, financial institutions fraud, bankruptcy fraud and mail and wire fraud. Civil rights cases are also monitored, evaluated and prosecuted by the section. Environmental cases are prosecuted under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and other federal environmental statutes. The section also prosecutes cases involving the protection of wildlife and Food and Drug Administration cases concerning the safety of the nation's food supply.


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