Sunday, March 12, 2006

White Collar Offenders in Prison

If you have to go to jail, where is the best place to go?  The Kansas City Star has a wonderful article here talking about prisons that house some white collar offenders.  It provides a list of the five best places from Alan Ellis' The Federal Prison Handbook 2005.

Of particular note in this Kansas City Star article is a quote of Professor Frank Bowman.  The newspaper reports that Bowman claims that "tougher sentences for white-collar offenders made the system more fair, but he says in some cases the guidelines 'have gone too far.'” 

Obviously it is this last point by Professor Bowman that is of interest.  This is exactly why a Booker-Blakely fix is unnecessary. If we leave judges with some discretion to rectify injustices, perhaps sentences will be reasonable.  The problem with the guidelines was that it "fixed" too much.

(esp) (with a hat tip to Bill Olis)

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