Thursday, March 30, 2006

Enron Nigerian Barge Trial Defendant Freed on Bail

The ever-vigilant Tom Kirkendall of the Houston's Clear Thinkers blog posts a link (here) to an order by the Fifth Circuit directing the release of William Fuhs, one of the former Merrill Lynch investment bankers convicted in the Enron Nigerian Barge Trial.  Oral arguments in the case took place a little over three weeks ago, and the Fifth Circuit, which initially denied his motion for bail pending appeal before the argument, has turned around and now ordered Fuhs' release.  Tom notes that Fuhs appears to be the only defendant who renewed his motion for bail after the oral argument, and if that's the case, you can expect motions from the other three defendants to be filed as soon as the Clerk's office opens for business.  If there ever was a signal about how an appellate panel was likely to rule, this has to be it, especially if bail is granted to the other defendants.  Tom's post on the case is here. (ph)

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