Sunday, February 26, 2006

Will Campbell Testify?

The big question in the Bill Campbell trial is whether the former mayor will take the witness stand? (See AJC here).  It is a tough call in a case such as this one.  The cross-examination of the key witnesses connecting Campbell to the illegal payments would lead one to believe that he will not take the witness stand.  On the other hand, there is some evidence out there that does require a response. For the defense it is a tough call as it will open him up to cross-examination and who knows where that will lead the government.  On the other hand, we are dealing with an attorney, former mayor, and an individual who can probably hold his own against the prosecution.

It is nice for the defense to not be required to have to prove anything and to have the prosecution bear the burden of proof.  But on the other hand, should our criminal system have one rolling dice on how best to proceed.

I have to agree with  University of Georgia law professor Ron Carlson (see AJC) -- I think we will hear from Bill Campbell in his trial.  But I have been known to be proved wrong.


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