Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hats off to Judges & Prosecutors in Colorado That Say - No Perp Walk Here

The perp walk pictures seem common in the press today.  Former CEOs of major companies, who are indicted by federal grand juries, are paraded before the press for photography shots of them being arrested, handcuffed and led off to be fingerprinted and booked. 

According to the Denver Post here, the Denver crowd has more class.  Former Qwest Chief Executive Joe Nacchio was allowed to travel to Denver and turn himself into the court.  There was no perp walk, although they, unfortunately, still decided to bring him into the courtroom in handcuffs. 

Arresting white collar offenders is a perfect example of the need to differentiate those accused of white collar crimes from those accused of crimes that might need immediate incapacitation.   It is one thing to frisk everyone for weapons and also to make sure security concerns are alleviated.  But have you ever heard of a former CEO - yes the ones who turn themselves in - trying to escape?  The perp walk makes no sense other than to showcase the prize before the press - and yes, perhaps taint the jury in the process. It's nice to see prosecutors and judges in Colorado not tolerating this practice.


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