Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is This An "Assault on Republicans?"

With Republican Representative Randy Cunningham's felony plea (see post here) to bribery conspiracy and tax evasion, and others facing scrutiny (see NYTimes here), it's a time when some find out who  are their real friends. The NYTimes reports on how some people are distancing themselves from the indicted and convicted. 

Others are claiming that this is "part of a broader assault on Republicans." (see NYTimes here) Are they claiming that Attorney General Gonzalez is leading an "assault on Republicans?"  After all he is the United States Attorney, and these indictments are coming from United States Attorneys under the AG.  And the USA's are appointed by the President - - are they claiming that President Bush is also leading an "assault on the Republicans?"  Maybe a better approach would be to credit the President and AG with leading the fight against government corruption and not playing politics in doing this job.


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