Monday, November 28, 2005

Charles Walker Set For Sentencing Today

Charles Walker, a former Senate Majority leader in Georgia, and someone who the Atlanta Jrl Constitution (see here) calls "once the most powerful African-American politician in Georgia", is set for sentencing today after being convicted on 127 counts.  (see post here). Over a 100 of the counts were for mail fraud.

Like Richard Scrushy's trial, this case took place in the south,  But not only was the verdict different, but also the speed of the trial. (see here).  That "other southern jury," as I referred to Walker's case throughout the Scrushy trial, met not only on Memorial Day weekend, but also on Memorial Day.  Sounds like an interesting issue for appeal - - but first the sentence.


Addendum - For details on the court appearance of today - see the Augusta Chronicle here.  A key issue in sentencing is the amount of money taken.  Since this is a fraud conviction, the amount can factor into the sentence given. - see Atlanta Jrl. Constitution here.

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