Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Looks Like NO Bail for Kozlowski and Swartz

The sentences in the federal system under the guidelines may in some cases be tougher than the NYState system, but the placement and privileges can assist the individual convicted of a crime. 

Bernard Ebbers remains free on bail, although this is not the case in all federal cases (Jamie Olis remains in prison awaiting his long overdue decision from the federal appeals court). 

New York State prisons are considered tougher.  A white collar offender, with a long sentence, can be placed with convicted felons who are incarcerated because they are a danger to society.  Attica, a place that Kozlowski and Swartz may be sent to, is not quite the same as some of the lower level federal prisons (although with long sentences the federal placement will not be a camp cupcake).  To make matters worse, Kozlowski and Swartz are on their way to Attica or a similar type place as the NYState Court of Appeals Appellate Division of the NY Supreme Court has denied their request for bail. (see more in CNN Money here).

(esp) (thanks to a sharp-eyed reader for pointing out which court denied bail)


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