Sunday, October 30, 2005

Explaining the Obstruction Charge & Looking At the Defense

Co-Blogger Peter Henning explains the Obstruction of Justice charge here in the Washington Post.

  And AJC (AP) reports here on the possible defense, which I call "the too busy executive."  Actually this might be interesting as Libby probably has an incredible number of telephone calls and meetings - how could he remember them all?  Will a jury buy this? 

Couple this with the three charges and the list of witnesses for all three charges (all admissible at the same trial) and one has to ask whether the prosecutor be throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that something just might stick.   

Or will there be a plea (will Libby want to roll the dice and go to trial or take an offer that might minimize a possible conviction?)   Libby, a lawyer, has more to lose with a plea if the plea implicates his law license.  And will Prosecutor Fitzgerald offer a plea, and will it be a reasonable one?  If he does offer a plea will it be dependent upon Libby testifying against others?  WHO might the others be? (is Karl Rove nervous?) And would Libby's testimony be credible - after all he was charged with false declarations? 

And will there be a pardon now or down the road?  A lot of choices.  Did I hear Fitzgerald say  - take a deep breath. Stay tuned.


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