Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pardons: A New Dimension

It makes it somewhat difficult for a state attorney general to continue an investigation when the governor pardons individuals called to testify before the grand jury. According to the New York Times (AP) here  "Gov. Ernie Fletcher [of Kentucky] granted a blanket pardon on Monday night to current and former aides charged in the inquiry."  Part of the problem in this scenario is that the Attorney General and Governor appear to be at odds on some issues.  The question may become whether there is criminality present or whether this is a political fishing expedition, and perhaps the best entity to resolve this may just be the federal government- United States Attorney. (see here)

The Governor, who did not pardon himself, was also called to testify before the grand jury.  He made a very brief appearance, so brief that the Herald Leader newspaper timed it at "2 minutes 18 seconds" (see here) (enough time for invoking the Fifth perhaps?).



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