Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More on Kentucky Pardons

Discussed here is Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher's pardon of some "former and current aides."  Margy Love, former pardon attorney for DOJ and author of a resource guide (Relief From The Collateral Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction: A State-By-State Resource Guide) comments on these pardon's as follows:

"To me, the most outrageous thing about the Fletcher pardons is that he has otherwise been extraordinarily stingy with his power.  As of last March he had granted no pardons at all to ordinary people in his entire time in office, and he doesn't even grant restoration of rights very frequently..  Keep in mind that in Kentucky a pardon is the ONLY way for convicted persons to get their civil rights back: it is now one of only four states that do not restore the right to vote automatically to at least some offenders.   My research for the Resource Guide (posted on the SP website) showed that in the past few years more than 1000 applications for restoration of voting rights have been received each year by the Kentucky Pardon Board, and that the Board forwards over 90% of these applications to the governor with a favorable recommendation.  But Governor Fletcher issued only about 100 “partial pardons” to restore voting rights in his first year in office (compared to 637 issued by his predecessor in his first year in office).  I was informed by Gov. Fletcher's staff in March 2005 that after 15 months  in office the governor had not yet formulated a pardon policy or procedure, had not decided whether to consult the Parole Board (as his predecessors had done), and had issued no full pardons. . . ."


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