Thursday, August 25, 2005

International Smuggling & Counterfeit

According to a DOJ Press Release here, 59 have been arrested ( 87 indicted) in a counterfeit smuggling operation. The indictments, although mostly for street crime offenses such as narcotics trafficking, do include some offenses that may be considered within the white collar arena.    For example, in New Jersey, Operation Royal Charm resulted in six indictments charging 57 people. The press release states:

"The FBI undercover operation revealed that the organization smuggled highly deceptive counterfeit U.S. currency, manufactured in a foreign country, into the United States on container ships with false bills of lading for toys, rattan furniture and other goods. The indictments allege that in October 2004, a container loaded with approximately $338,000 in counterfeit currency arrived in Newark, followed by a shipment of nearly $3 million in counterfeit currency in December 2004. A third shipment of nearly $2 million in counterfeit U.S. currency was ordered from the subjects. The containers were allegedly sent by defendants after extensive meetings with FBI undercover agents."


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