Thursday, August 25, 2005

Corporate Crime Reporter Ranks Top Ten Prosecutors

Corporate Crime Reporter ranks the top ten white collar and corporate prosecutors here.  The analysis provided for the selection of these ten individuals is interesting. 

How should one rank prosecutors? 

Should it be based on guilty verdicts? Clearly it should not be based on "wins" as prosecutors always win, irrespective of the jury verdict, since they are "ministers of justice." (Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Comment) 

Should it be based upon number of cases prosecuted? Will that encourage prosecutors to bring worthless prosecutions just to make the top ten list?

Should it be based on the total time received by convicted individuals?  Will this cause prosecutors to forget their role of serving society and cause them to start counting numbers?

Again, how should one rank prosecutors?  Or, better yet, should one rank prosecutors?   By the way, it looks like only a few went to what some might see as "top ten" law schools - or maybe the law school rankings don't tell it all either.


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