Thursday, August 11, 2005

Abramoff Indicted

Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Florida for five counts of wire fraud (18 USC 1343) and one count of conspiracy (18 USC 371) to commit mail (18 USC 1341) and wire fraud. (See Wall Street Jrl here ; New York Times (AP) here).  He was indicted along with a NY businessman, Adam Kidan.

Abramoff is clearly no lightweight in political circles, as his name is often spoken in the same sentence with names like Tom Delay and President Bush.  The Wall Street Journal notes that in recent elections, Abramoff  raised substantial funds for President Bush and for Tom Delay (R. House Majority Leader).(see here)  The indictment relates to financing for SunCruz casinos.  It does not appear to relate to a Washington grand jury investigation that involves funds of Indian tribes.



UPDATE (8/12): The indictment of Kidan and Abramoff is available on Findlaw here.

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