Friday, July 8, 2005

Lea Fastow Completes Her Prison Sentence

Lea Fastow, wife of former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow, completed her one-year term of imprisonment on a tax charge to which she entered a guilty plea related to failing to report income from some of her husband's various outside ventures that did business with Enron.  She also has a one-year term of supervised release. She entered the federal detention center in Houston last July, and completed her term in a halfway house, going home a little after midnight.  Andrew Fastow will begin serving a ten-year prison term for his role in the Enron accounting debacle after his appearance as the likely star witness in the prosecution of former CEOs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling in the conspiracy trial set to begin next January.    A Houston Chronicle story (here) discusses Lea Fastow's release. (ph)

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