Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Head of Enron Task Force Resigns

Andrew Weissmann, the second director of the Enron Task Force in Houston, TX, announced his resignation to return to private practice.  Tom Kirkendall on the Houston's Clear Thinkers blog has an interesting post (here) about the timing of the announcement and the tactics used by the Task Force with its cooperating witnesses.  Having worked for a short time on a DOJ Task Force, one of the scariest places to be is in the last group of prosecutors with the responsibility of turning out the lights.  It may be that after the Enron Conspiracy Trial next year, much of the remaining work will be to clean up the remaining sentencings, appeals, etc., which is not nearly as exciting as putting the case together and getting that first blast of publicity when the indictment is unsealed -- not to mention the infamous "perp walk," an exercise that I'm hopeful has been dropped from the MO of U.S. Attorney's Offices.  Whatever the reason for Weissmann's resignation, it will certainly not be the last one as the Task Force winds down. (ph)


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