Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Kozlowski Letter

It is hard to imagine that Dennis Kozlowski would have thought that the letter he wrote against someone facing sentencing, would one day be used to evaluate his sentence.  The letter, according to CNN  here, was written 10 years ago and  recommended that a former assistant controller at Tyco, who was being sentenced at that time, receive the maximum. In the letter, Kozlowski said that "stealing from a company is 'a particularly egregious crime.'"

There is no doubt that this is a pretty damaging statement for Kozlowski, who now faces sentencing for crimes that might be characterized as "stealing from a company."  Two things come to mind here:

1. Did the jury see this letter, and would the letter have demonstrated a lack of intent to commit the crimes which Kozlowski was charged with?

2.  What is the individual who had this letter to contend with at his sentencing (CNN says he was "sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released four year later in 1999") thinking right now?


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