Sunday, May 22, 2005

Keep Politics Out Of Courts

The trial of fundraiser David Rosen (fundraiser for Hillary Clinton) has not been going very well for the government.  According to the NYTimes, here, the  judge is considering tossing out one of the counts in the case. The other counts sound like they also have significant issues for the government. One has to wonder how well the government investigated this case prior to bringing it before the court. (Could politics have played a factor here?  see our post here, and one website post has even lowered to criticizing the judge here).

The essence of the case is that Rosen is alleged to have failed to report the appropriate amounts of the fundraiser on election reports.  The problem for the government is, that it seems these may have been the amounts that Rosen was told by other individuals.  Rosen may have also had nothing to do with one of the election filings. There are also possible venue issues here.  The indictment and our previous comments on the case are here.


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