Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Not Every Southern White Collar Case Moves Slowly

Co-blogger Professor Peter Henning previously remarked on the slowness of the Scrushy case and now on the easy hours that the jury is working (here).  Not all southern white collar cases proceed this way. James Salzer of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports here   on the ongoing trial of  former state Sen. Charles Walker, who he describes as "a Democrat who was once the Capitol's most powerful black official." The jury in the Walker case heard evidence this Sunday, and Monday --yes --  Memorial Day weekend. (see here)   

We previously reported on the Walker case here.  Walker was initially charged with 142 counts ranging from mail fraud and income tax evasion to conspiracy.(see here).  Salzer of the Atlanta Jrl Constitution reports that the defense is expected to present its case this week.



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