Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Scrushy Trial Resumes

The prosecution of Richard Scrushy enters its seventh week with the continuing cross-examination of Michael Martin, the third of five former CFOs who will testify for the government that Scrushy knew about and directed the accounting fraud at the company.  Martin is known for having a rather strong temper, including punching another HealthSouth employee in the face at a going-away party in 1999.  James Parkman, Scrushy's lead trial counsel, set the tone for the cross-examination early on in noting the rather light sentence Martin received -- six months of home confinement that included at least one round of golf -- by asking, ""So you don't have that bumper sticker that says, `I'd rather be playing golf than go to jail?'" [I think I need one of those.] The trial promises to continue for a while longer, with the two remaining CFOs scheduled to testify and, no doubt, an assortment of other witnesses before the defense gets its opportunity, which will likely include calling Scrushy to the witness stand. See AP story here discussing the cross-examination of Martin. (ph)


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