Saturday, February 26, 2005

High Profile Miami Attorney Indicted on Money Laundering and Obstruction Charges

Miami attorney Sam Burstyn appeared in federal court in the Southern District of Florida this past week to face an indictment charging money laundering and obstruction of justice.  Burstyn has represented celebrity clients, including Robin Givens and the wife of tennis player Boris Becker, and is known for his penthouse office on Brickell Ave. in addition to his criminal defense work.  The government alleges that he was the "house counsel" for a marijuana importation enterprise led by Jeffrey Tobin.  The charges against Burstyn include a $500,000 money laundering charge related to a loan that was made with alleged drug profits, and that Burstyn obstructed justice by advising Tobin to flee the United States and organized meetings with grand jury witnesses to provide false testimony.  According to a press release issued by the U.S. Attorney's Office:

On or about October 22, 1998, Burstyn lent approximately $498,250, in the form of a counter check, to an owner of the business, Auto Fund of Atlanta, Georgia, at a substantial interest rate. This check was drawn on the lawyer’s trust account of Samuel I. Burstyn, P.A. Burstyn obtained the proceeds to make this loan from the financial accounts of his relatives. Burstyn used a fictitious company named “J.B. Partners” as an entity to make the loan. As a condition for making the loan, defendant Burstyn obtained collateral of $500,000 in drug proceeds from Jeffrey Tobin.

An AP story here discusses Burstyn's law practice and his attorney's statement that "If you were to see him now, you would be struck by how confident he is that he will be acquitted." (ph)

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