Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fundraiser for Former Governor McGreevey Sentenced

AP reports that David D'Amiano, "[a] Democratic fund-raiser and acquaintance of ex-Gov. James E. McGreevey was sentenced to two years in prison Thursday for soliciting $40,000 in cash and political contributions in return for his help in a land deal."  D'Amiano had been charged with mail fraud, extortion and bribery, but plead guilty to two counts of bribery.

What was particularly bothersome to many in this case was the indirect references to the former governor in the indictment.  The article reports that "McGreevey has acknowledged that he was 'state official 1' referred to in the indictment."  The AP story notes that "[p]rosecutors charged that D'Amiano demanded campaign donations from Mark Halper, owner of a 74-acre farm in Piscataway, in exchange for helping Halper get a favorable offer from county officials for rights to preserve the farmland."


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