Sunday, January 2, 2005

Complicated Investigation of Riggs Bank

Investigations can be complicated when national security plays a role in the case.  It can be even more complicated when the CIA has some involvement with parties to the investigation.

This may prove to be true for the investigation of Riggs Bank.  The Wall Street Journal in an article titled, "Riggs Bank Had Longstanding Link To The CIA," reports that "Riggs Bank, which is under investigation by the Justice Department for money laundering, has had a longstanding relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency, according to people familiar with Riggs operations and U.S. government officials."  Throw in the name Pinochet to this mix and it may become even more complicated.  The NYTimes did an in depth story on the "The Pinochet Money Trail" back on December 12th that discussed the "mysterious cash at Riggs Bank."  (see blog item of Dec. 13th).

So one of the questions that now arises, is will the DOJ continue its investigation of Riggs Bank? And will there be embarrassing revelations that come from this investigation?


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