Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rowland, Stewart, and White Collar Crime

Co-blogger Peter Henning has an op-ed piece in this a.m.'s Hartford Courant titled, "Would You Risk Your Career For Small Change."  He states, that "We often see white collar crimes in which prominent individuals risk their livelihood and reputation for seemingly trivial amounts."  He points out some of the differences from white collar and street offenders.   

Our opinions on Martha Stewart, however, differ.  Where Professor Peter Henning states that "she will be forever known as a felon who lied to the government," I say that her appeal is pending, so lets hold on that judgment. And even if the conviction stands, will she be forever known as he describes, or as someone who has accomplished so much for homemakers throughout the world.  More importantly, will she become known for being someone who helps with reforms on the incarceration of  women?  The feds spent a good bit of taxpayer time and money on this prosecution, and the question in the future may be- was it worth it?



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