Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for America's Veterans Act is almost a reality

This week the Senate unanimously passed the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act following the House’s lead were the bill passed unanimously in January.  The act is named in tribute to Clay Hunt, a Marine sniper who took his own life after a battle with PTSD and very little support from the VA that was charged with treating him. 

With 22 veterans a day committing suicide, many of whom are attempting to seek care from the VA, this bill could not come at a more crucial time for America’s veterans.  The bill will encourage more psychologists and psychiatrists to treat veterans at the VA through a loan repayment program.  The bill also calls on the VA to analyze its own mental health system and practices and will lengthen the amount of time veterans can be treated at the VA.

Let’s hope that with this leverage, the VA will be able to hire more practitioners to treat those who are suffering and prevent the long wait times for counseling and therapeutic services that contributed to Clay Hunt’s tragic and unnecessary passing.   God speed Clay.

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