Friday, February 20, 2015

Choice Card Woes?

The President’s proposed budget wants to reallocate approximately $10 billion dollars in the VA’s budget meant for the Choice Card program.  The Choice Card was created last year to alleviate wait times that veterans had to get medical appointment sat the VA.  However, only 27,000 veterans out of the 9 million eligible have used the Choice Card, so the White House believes the funds for the Choice Card could be better used in other places in the VA’s budget – such as reducing the backlog in claims.  However, many veterans have voiced concern that the Choice Card is too confusing and another solution is required.  According to the Washington Post “some veterans say that when they attempted to use their card, the VA told them they had to live more than 40 ‘miles in a straight line, or as the crow flies,’ from their VA rather than Google maps miles, which makes the card harder to use. Several VA doctors e-mailed The Washington Post saying they themselves don’t understand how to use the program.”  The Post also reports that House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) rejected the plan to reallocate the Choice Card monies, calling it a “complete non-starter, which I will not support.”  Read about the Choice Card issues here:

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