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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Nun carries suitcase later discovered to contain remains of deceased friend

Estate planningIn Chile, a nun was captured on video wheeling a suitcase containing the body of her deceased down the street. The nun, Lorenza Ramirez, 80, had kept the body of her friend, Erica Fernandez, 58, in the suitcase for a year following Fernandez's death from an illness in April 2023. 


According to police, Ramirez suffered from some disorder and had maintained a friendship pact with Fernandez, agreeing not to report each other's deaths. When the police investigated a report of a suitcase full of bones, initially believed to be linked to drug cartel activity, they discovered the nun with the suitcase. 


The police autopsy found no foul play, but Ramirez faces potential fines for failing to notify authorities of Fernandez's death and for breaching public health regulations. After discovering the situation, Ramirez's daughter eventually persuaded her to lay her friend to rest.


For more information see Peter Aitken “Nun carries suitcase later discovered to contain remains of deceased friend”, Fox News, April 13, 2024.


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