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Monday, April 22, 2024

Meghan Trainor's will ensures her voice can't be used by 'spooky' technology after her death

Meghan-trainor-tout-032124-fbf0aa6905584dde9701d91420c4fffdWith the rise of AI technology, Meghan Trainor found a solution to control the use of her voice and likeness after her death. After voicing her concern about what AI can create, she told Fox News Digital that she added a clause in her will stating that no one can use her voice after her death.

Other celebrities, like Robin Williams, have included clauses in their wills that prevent the use of their likeness for a certain number of years in their will. Paul McCartney told BBC Radio 4 that another Beatles song is in the works thanks to an AI generation of John Lennon’s voice. Even though Lennon passed over 40 years ago, AI technology can use a demo of Lennon’s voice and “get it pure” so the band can mix the record as they normally would.  

Though some celebrities are embracing the new advancements of AI and what it can do to bring artists' vocals back to life, others are afraid of their voices being used without their knowledge. Addressing this concern by putting a clause in their will is a definite way to ensure they are in control of their sound and what is created of them after they die.

For more information see Larry Finks “Meghan Trainor's will ensures her voice can't be used by 'spooky' technology after her death”, Fox News, April 19, 2024.


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