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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Canada Delays Plans To Euthanize Mentally Ill People But Not Because It's An Insane Plan

CanadaThe Canadian government's plan to allow euthanasia for the mentally ill faced delays due to the unpreparedness of the healthcare system rather than a reconsideration of the ethics of the proposition. Health Minister Mark Holland stated that more time was needed for readiness. Politicians nationwide echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for preparedness rather than outright rejecting the idea. 


Criticism of the plan includes some viewing it as a grotesque notion and arguing that resolving mental health crises should precede any consideration of euthanasia for the mentally ill. Canadian bioethicist Kerry Bowman highlighted the profound ethical questions such a plan would raise. While euthanasia is legal in Canada, fewer than 45% of Canadians supported euthanasia for the mentally ill in 2022.


For more information see Joe Kinsey “Canada Delays Plans to Euthanize Mentally Ill People But Not Because It’s An Insane Plan”, Outkick, February 1, 2024.



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