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Friday, November 24, 2023

Mississippi family claims funeral home put wrong person in their loved one's casket

FuneralA grieving family in Mississippi experienced a shocking mix-up at their relative's wake upon discovering that the wrong body had been placed in the casket wearing their loved one's clothing and jewelry. 

Georgia Robinson, the sister of the deceased, sensed something was wrong upon arriving at the People's Funeral Home in Jackson for the service on November 3. She then realized that another woman was in the casket they had chosen for Mary Jean Robinson, wearing her sisters desired outfit and accessories. The family promptly brought the mistake to the attention of the funeral home staff, expressing their obvious distress over the mix-up. 

A local TV news outlet reported on the incident and chose not to publish photos out of respect for the other deceased woman's family. The report did not clarify whether the other family knew the situation or had lodged a complaint.

For more information see Christina Coulter “Mississippi family claims funeral home put wrong person in their loved one’s casket”, Fox Business, November 16, 2023.


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