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Thursday, August 31, 2023

3 big things your loved ones need you to leave behind before you die

Estate planningAs many plan for what will happen after they die, they focus on family heirlooms and setting up family members for financial success. While these are essential factors in estate planning, three significant steps can be taken to set your family up for success.

No. 1: Clarity on Your Wishes. When your family is grieving, making major decisions is even more challenging. Providing clarity on your personal preferences makes everything smoother for your loved ones.

No. 2: Access to Important Information. Where is the key to the safety deposit box containing your will? What do you wish to happen to your social media accounts? 

No. 3: A Cleaned-Out Home. We all accumulate stuff throughout our lifetime, and forgetting what is packed in the attic is easy. However, sifting through years of clothing, tools, and sentimental objects can be a nightmare for loved ones who will ultimately clean out your home and storage. Identifying what is genuinely sentimental can prevent passing on a giant mess.

For more information see Carol Roth “3 big things your loved ones need you to leave behind before you die” Fox News, August 26, 2023.


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