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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Second Edition of Stake’s Trusts and Estates Now Available

West Academic Publishing recently released Trusts and Estates, 2nd Edition by Jeffrey Evans Stake, Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Here is the publisher's description of the book:

Stake’s Trusts and Estates is designed to be a teacher-friendly casebook for a basic course in trusts and estates. What is teacher friendly about it? First the book is not a hornbook or treatise and does not require the teacher to remember a lot of note material that is unimportant to teaching basic principles. It also includes portions of the UPC in the book rather than requiring another book for statutory materials, which is student-friendly as well. Second, it raises policy questions that students find interesting because the questions engage them as if they will be in a position to influence their state’s law on trusts and estates. Concerning social policy, this casebook does not assume that the goal of following the decedent's intent overrides other fairness concerns or efficiency. Third, it presents examples and problems that can be used to dig into the rules or can be ignored as the teacher sees fit. Fourth, the cases are interesting as stories of what can go wrong in families and what can go wrong in trust and estate practice. Stake's book can be covered in a 3-hour course or, by closer analysis of cases and problems, expanded to fill a 4-hour course. Fifth and finally, an extensive set of 1000 PowerPoint slides is available to casebook adopters. Most of the slides are only text, but a few of the slides include graphics or suggestions for audio or video clips that fit with the material.


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