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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Article: Muslim and Hindu Womens' Inheritance Right and Impediments in Bangladesh : A Summary

Sahnawaj Mahmood Chowdhury (Premier University) recently published an article entitled, Muslim and Hindu Women’s Inheritance Right and Impediments in Bangladesh: A Summary. Provided below is the abstract to the paper:

Distribute the rest of estate and property to the relatives of the deceased according to Shariah Law, is commonly practiced. In Hindu law, Property received from a decedent, either by will or through state laws of intestate succession, where the decedent has failed to execute a valid will. Inheritance is considered as an integral part of Shariah Law. Muslims inherit from one another as stated in the Qur'an. Hence, there is a legal share for relatives of the decedent in his estate and property. It can also be said that there has been an unequal treatment of communities or has been two critical ways. In this write up I have tried to focus some common issues which are necessary to reform as there are many notable impediments regarding Muslim and Hindu Womens’ Inheritance Right in Bangladesh.


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