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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Foreigners fret over stricter Swiss rules on assisted suicide

DoctorsThe Swiss Medical Association has released new guidelines for assisted suicide, requiring those seeking physician assisted suicide to have two meetings with their doctor, at least two weeks apart, before making the final decision. Many fear that it will hamper access to the practice and upset foreigners who seek out the legal end of life care in Switzerland.

Under previous rules, individuals were only required to stay in Switzerland for a few days before completing their treatment. While a primary concern is that the “two-week-rule” creates a cost-prohibitive barrier for the treatment, critics are also saying that it will require those in pain to suffer. The new rule does allow for exceptions, but only for those who are unable to stay in Switzerland for two weeks, or if their suffering is so unbearable that a long wait would be intolerable.

The Swiss Medical Association says they chose to refine the guideline, not simply tighten it. 

For more information:

See Kaoru Uda “Foreigners fret over stricter Swiss rules on assisted Suicide” Swiss Info, July 26, 2022.


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