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Friday, August 5, 2022

Prince’s $156M estate finally settled after 6-year court battle

PrinceThe six year battle over Prince’s estate has now come to an end as a Minnesota judge signed off on a deal. The late singer did not leave behind a will, which required his $156 million estate go through probate, where some estate battles can last up to 10 years or more.

Billboard has reported that six half-siblings of the music icon were named as legal heirs, half of which will sell their shares to New York music company Primary Wave. The other three have hired former advisors to Prince to manage their shares of the estate.

Now that the deal has closed, there are exciting plans in the works, from music exhibitions, films, and Broadway shows. All of his heirs plan to honor Prince and continue to grow his purple legacy. Although he did not leave behind a will, he did leave behind notes and memos on what he would like to happen with his property. This includes a vault of unreleased songs. 

For more information:

See Adrienne Bankert “Prince’s $156M estate finally settled after 6-year court battle” Nextstar Media Wire, August 3, 2022.


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