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Monday, January 3, 2022

What will happen to Jeffrey Epstein’s $27.5M New Mexico ranch?

Estate planningNow that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, many are wondering what will become of the Zorro Ranch. The Zorro Ranch owned by Epstein is located near Santa Fe, New Mexico. The billionaires Zorro Ranch is known for being "shrouded in secrecy," but now that Epstein is gone new secrets may come to light. 

However, as of now, only Jeffrey Epstein and his accusers "know the dark details of what went on there. . ." An investigation by Nexstar's KRQE shed light on just how bizarre Epstein's operation was. 

KQRE's Gabrielle Burkhart asked New Mexico State Land Commissioner, Stephanie Garcia Richard, "To your knowledge, what was that land being used for?" Garcia Richard responded by saying, "[o]ne can only speculate and I have to tell you, Gabrielle, that my staff. . .you know this has been a difficult topic for us to tackle. . .Thinking about what state land might have been used for has been, you know, has been difficult." 

Almost immediately after Garcia Richard took office in 2019, she canceled a decades-long lease agreement the state had with Epstein for nearly 1,300 acres of grazing land.

According to records in Santa Fe County, portions of the Zorro ranch changed ownership "according to a mysterious deed filed in 2020." In the deed, ownership of Zorro Ranch was transferred from Epstein's company to Love and Bliss, a non-profit church for $200. 

Love and Bliss church are the same people that filed a fraudulent warranty deed in Florida for Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. 

Epstein's estate has taken court action against Love and Bliss, as their fraudulent deeds have clouded the Estate's ability to sell their properties. 

The Zorro Ranch is listed for $27.5 million and according to representatives of the estate, funds from the sale will go toward the regular administration of the estate. 

See Gabrielle Burkhart & Allison Giron, What will happen to Jeffrey Epstein’s $27.5M New Mexico ranch?, Everything Lubbock, January 2, 2022. 


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