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Monday, December 6, 2021

Bunny Wailer’s 13 Children Asked To Do DNA Paternity Test ‘To Benefit From Father’s Will’

BunnyThe sister of late Bunny Wailer, Donna Livingston-Carridice, is asking the Regga legend's 14 children to get themselves DNA tested to establish paternity and "access the benefits set out in their father's will." 

According to Livingston-Carridice, Wailer's children have been "harassing the family of the eldest co-executor of Wailer's estate, Carlton Livingston." 

Livingston-Carridice stated, 

“The kids have launched a full-fledged attack on Carl’s wife and we, the elder members of the Livingston family, cannot allow this to continue. That is why we’re making an appeal to all of Jah B’s kids to do a DNA test so that they can establish paternity and gain the benefits of their father’s estate. There is no need to harass Carl or his wife. . ." 

According to a copy of the Will acquired by DancehallMag, each of the 13 children are listed by name as beneficiaries and also includes a provision for any other child to come forward to establish "paternal descent by DNA evidence." 

Livingston-Carridice has alleged that Wailer's estate will provide for the children, but that Bunny wanted the DNA to be done first. Livingston-Carridice has directed all children who wish to take the DNA test to DNA Carigen Lab in New Kingston. The test will cost $43,000. 

See Claude Mills, Bunny Wailer’s 13 Children Asked To Do DNA Paternity Test ‘To Benefit From Father’s Will’, DancehallMag, December 2, 2021. 

Special thanks to Laura Galvan (Attorney, San Antonio, Texas) for bringing this article to my attention.  


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