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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

No, stupid: A dog isn’t really selling Madonna’s former Florida mansion

A story has been spread by a plethora of newspapers including the Associated Press and Forbes about a German Shepard named Gunther who inherited Madonna's former mansion. The story proclaimed that the pooch was selling the Florida mansion for $31 million and had even met with real estate agents. 

We are here to tell you that the story is emphatically not true! According to a source close to the deal, "[t]here is no dog sleeping in Madonna’s former bedroom. . .This is a totally made up story. The broker is talking nonsense. There is no dog. There never was a dog. The owner thought it would be a fun way to score a reality TV show. That’s it.” 

The real story is this: The agents are listing the house for $31.75 million, but instead of a wealthy dog, their client is a Italian Entrepreneur from Tuscany named Maurizio Mian. Although the listing price was not a lie, a broker who has toured the property claimed that "it is only worth it if you can afford to tear it down and start again." 

For those who were also fooled, legal experts in the United States proclaimed that it is impossible to leave property to a pet, although you can leave money in trust for your fur babies. 

As it turns out, the Main thought it would be a good PR stunt to fool the press into believing that a dog was selling a mansion that once belonged to Madonna. Unfortunately for Mian, it appears that the plan may have backfired. 

See Jennifer Gould, No, stupid: A dog isn’t really selling Madonna’s former Florida mansion, N.Y. Post, November 18, 2021. 


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