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Sunday, August 1, 2021

New, environmentally friendly option for final resting place in Flagstaff

DeathcertificateArizona now has its first Conservation Memorial Forest, a place where people's ashes can be spread in nature. The "Better Place Forests," located in Flagstaff said "that their mission is to give people a meaningful legacy with they end-of-life arrangements all while conserving natural areas for future generations." 

Sandy Gibson, the CEO of Better Place Forests said, "Better Place Forests is a sustainable alternative to traditional cemeteries, where instead of a grave and a tombstone, and buying a body, a family is choosing a tree and that tree is private to that family and that is where they spread the ashes of their loved ones. And buying that tree, they're helping to create a permanently protected conservative area." 

See New, environmentally friendly option for final resting place in Flagstaff, KVOA News: Tucson, June 16, 2021. 



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