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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Odds of Dying

AccidentIt is normal for us to fear things—like death. These fears can help us respond more quickly to dangerous situations, or avoid them entirely. The worry and fear associated with these dangerous situations allow us to assess risk. 

However, it is important that we do not overestimate, or underestimate these risks. Quite frankly, there are a lot of ways to die, so accurately assessing the risks of danger and the possibility of death could prove to be difficult. 

One way to start is to know the odds, which will help you identify the ways—and your chances—to beat them. 

One interesting fact is that your odds of dying from an accidental opioid overdose is greater than your odds of dying in a motor-vehicle crash. 

The National Safety Council recently published a brief that contains helpful statistics, and even an informational video that provide information on the lifetime odds of death for selected causes. 

See Odds of Dying, The National Safety Council: Injury Facts, last visited April, 14, 2021. 

Special thanks to Lewis Saret (Attorney, Washington, D.C.) for bringing this article to my attention.  


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