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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Article on Disinheritance in an Ageing Society

Antoni Vaquer recently published an article entitled, Disinheritance in an Ageing Society, Wills, Trusts, & Estates Law ejournal (2020). Provided below is the abstract to the Article. Estate planning

Disinheritance has a double meaning. In common law systems, the etymological sense prevails: disinheritance means denying someone from a share of a certain decedent’s succession.In civil law systems, disinheritance means deprivation of the compulsory share. This paper, combining both senses of disinheritance, principally analyses mechanisms that exclude relatives from the list of kin entitled to share in a succession, either because they are potential intestate heirs or because – in civil law countries and some mixed systems – they are entitled to the compulsory share. Specifically, the paper focuses on the demands of an ageing society.


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