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Monday, November 23, 2020

Article: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Holmes A Tale of Two Testaments

Stephen R. Alton recently published an article entitled, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Holmes A Tale of Two Testaments, South Carolina Law Review (2020). Provided below is the abstract to the Article. 

Author'sNote: This Article takes theform ofan epistolaryexchange across the centuries, comparing and contrasting two noted wills in Victorian literature. To preserve verisimilitude, the author lets these letters and emails speak for themselves, without any formal introduction, just as would have occurred in Victorian epistolary fiction. It is the author's hope that the relevant testaments and the legal issues they present will make themselves clear as these exchanges proceed.Any reader desiring a more formal introduction to this Article is directed to the first email (below) written by the author to Mr. Utterson and Mr. Holmes; this email has the subject line "Your Correspondence of 1905 An Introduction." This introductory email occurs in the text immediately preceding, accompanying, andfollowing notes 62-68, infra.


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