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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wealth Managers Champion Inclusivity And Collaboration In Financial Planning

Estate 12.02.32 PMJR Gondeck and Vanessa Martinez have announced the publication of Family Value at Risk: Inclusive Communication to Pass on Your Family's Wealth and Legacy. Gondeck and Martinez are partners and managing directors at The Lerner Group. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes. 

In the book, Gondeck and Martinez discuss the meaning of wealth aside from monetary value. The book takes a "comprehensive view of wealth, including family and legacy, as well as the wider community." 

"This holistic approach to wealth management prioritizes a family’s overall wealth—derived from multiple aspects of life..."

Gondeck and Martinez explain that a sole focus on money puts the entire family's value at risk. Gondeck and Martinez use The Family Value at Risk (FVR) approach to wealth management. In this approach they focus on (1) investment returns that specifically prioritize ROI over other factors and (2) the growing role of inclusivity within financial planning. 

See Wealth Managers Champion Inclusivity And Collaboration In Financial Planning, Forbes, October 13, 2020.

Special thanks to Jim Hillhouse (Professional Legal Marketing (PLM, Inc.)) for bringing this article to my attention.


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