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Monday, September 21, 2020

Sperm donor fathers 36 children, parents later realize his bio was a lie

Chris-aggelesA whirlwind resulted from a Georgia sperm bank accidentally released information on children's sperm donors. 

Sperm donor 9623 had an impressive resume which stated he had "an IQ of 160, fluency in four languages, a doctorate in neuroscience engineering — and a resemblance to Tom Cruise." 

This accidental revelation has lead to an onslaught of lawsuits from parents. It has been revealed that the company did not attempt to verify the claims, which were false. 

The sperm donor, Chris Aggeles, actually did not finish college and had actually been convicted of burglar and was diagnosed with and hospitalized for schizophrenia. 

This has lead to parents being afraid that their children have been predisposed to mental illness. 

"Aggeles explained his remorse to Fox in the interview, saying that it began when he saw an advertisement in a student newspaper and thought it would be a good way to earn income as a struggling waiter and aspiring drummer."

He added, “I hope that the families involved, and particularly the children involved, can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

See Russell Falcon, Sperm donor fathers 36 children, parents later realize his bio was a lie, Austin TX KXAN, September 12, 2020. 


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