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Monday, September 28, 2020

Oregon woman disputes Wells Fargo claim she’s dead: ‘It’s not funny’

WellsfargoJudy Cashner, a retired secretary, was unable to access her income because her bank had her listed as deceased. 

At first, Judy admitted that she was a bit amused when her estate received a letter from Wells Fargo claiming she was dead.

However, when Judy and her husband were unable to finance their home due to the bank's mistake, "the laughs ended."

Judy later found out that Wells Fargo shared this incorrect information to three credit-reporting agencies. Judy stated, "At first I thought they'd just cancel the credit card and it was kind of funny. But not it's not funny."

Judy also stated that "mysterious non estate charges began appearing on her credit card bill. 

Unfortunately for Wells Fargo, this only adds to the list of negative headlines that they have made in recent years. 

See Dom Calicchio, Oregon woman disputes Wells Fargo claim she’s dead: ‘It’s not funny’, Fox News, September 26, 2020. 


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